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Three Lawsuits Filed After Music Festival Truck And Tent Collision

Posted on Oct 24, 2011
After a tragic July 2011 truck accident took place at the All-Good Music Festival near Masontown, West Virginia, three families have filed lawsuits claiming negligence.

The West Virginia traffic accident took place when 20-year-old Clay Harlin Lewin was driving in the music festival's parking lot and lost control of his pickup truck. The vehicle hit two other cars and then slid down a grassy slope and into a tent where three women were sleeping. Two of the women were seriously injured while a third woman was killed. The driver was not charged by police and authorities believe that speed, drugs, and alcohol were not involved.

In the wake of the accident, 21-year-old Elizabeth Rose Doran filed a personal injury lawsuit against the event's producer, the venue's owner, the pickup truck driver, and others. The family of 20-year-old Nicole Miller is suing for wrongful death, while 21-year-old Yen Ton is suing for the injuries she sustained. All three lawsuits discuss the danger of placing tents so near to the parking lot. In addition, the suits discuss whether or not the festival producers had the proper permits to have so many people attending the festival.

It is still unclear what initially caused the fatal pickup truck accident.

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