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Two Virginia Logging Truck Accidents Block Route 60

Posted on Mar 16, 2013

A recent snowstorm that swept across Virginia closed schools, kept snow plows busy, and caused several tractor-trailer accidents across the state. The wooded and mountainous areas of the state, such as Amherst County, saw a number of logging truck accidents

Early on Wednesday morning, March 6, a logging truck lost control in poor weather conditions and ran off of the road on Route 60, outside of Buena Vista in Amherst County. The commercial truck overturned and blocked traffic during the morning commute. Just hours later, another logging truck crashed on Route 60, near the intersection of Coffeytown Road, just outside of Buena Vista. This truck accident, along with snowy road conditions, caused further traffic issues and delays.

Amherst County saw between three and eight inches of snow during the storm, with the highest accumulations occurring in the Blue Ridge Mountains—where much of Virginia’s logging takes place. Much of Virginia saw at least two inches of snow, while some areas received over a foot. 

Unfortunately, logging accidents take place in Virginia regularly, especially on rural roads and in heavily logged areas—and not just in snowy weather and when roads are slick. Why do logging truck accidents happen? In some cases, these crashes take place because of the dangerous, winding, narrow, and steep roads that are often located near logging sites. In other cases, logging truck accidents are caused because the loads they are carrying shift or are not secured correctly. In still other cases, logging truck accidents are caused by fatigued driving, violated trucking regulations, or simply driver error.  

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