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Virginia, Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers - Virginia Workplace Fatalities/Deaths Decrease

Posted on May 22, 2016

Our Virginia and Carolina personal injury law firm is often contacted by potential clients who have questions about workplace injuries, workers' compensation claims and recovering damages against negligent employers or manufacturers of defective or unsafe equipment and products. Below are examples of these questions:

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry recently reported the number of workplace fatalities/deaths in Virginia decreased by 15% in 2007 from 165 to 141, the lowest number since 1995. The nationwide number of workplace fatalities decreased by 6% to 5,488 in 2007, according to a preliminary estimate released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in August. The occupation with the largest share of workplace fatalities was tractor-trailer and truck driving which accounted for 21 fatalities. The number of deaths due to workplace falls rose 39% to 25 in Virginia.

The overall decrease seen in workplace fatalities could have several causes, perhaps the most significant of which is that workers are feeling a sense of empowerment with workplace safety which translates into workers taking steps to increase safe practices on the job and companies doing a better job considering the safety of employees. Our law firm has represented several victims of workplace fatalities over the years including serious injuries and wrongful deaths in car accidents involving tractor-trailers.