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Car Accident Seat Back Failure Injuries

People put on seat belts when they drive, or ride in, a vehicle expecting a certain level of safety. Airbags are installed in vehicles to, again, provide a certain level of safety if a serious car crash occurs. Unfortunately, these safety precautions can become absolutely useless in the blink of an eye if the seat in which you're sitting suddenly collapses and falls back. This is known as a seat back failure injury. 

Here is the issue - if the seat you are sitting in is not properly engineered or sufficiently strong, seat belts and airbags will not be able to adequately protect you or a loved one in an otherwise survivable car wreck.

A faulty seat back can be extremely dangerous in a rear-end auto collision. In a rear-end collision, the occupant of the seat puts force backward toward the direction of the collision. If the seat is not sufficiently strong, the seat can suddenly bend or break causing severe injury or death to the vehicle occupants. Why? Because you are propelled backward into the rear of your vehicle or even out of the back window. If a child, relative, or friend is sitting in the back seat, there lives are at risk since you can be propelled into them causing significant injuries or even death.

The Auto Industry Knew About Seat Back Failure Risks and Chose to Do Nothing

Vehicle manufacturers have been aware of the dangers of seat back failure injuries for many years. Nevertheless, despite knowledge of this danger, many vehicles remain on the road or are even sold brand new without adequate seat strength. In fact, a 2008 study by the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, reviewed by NHTSA, found "a doubling of the injury risk" to children if the seat in front of them "deformed" or suffered some form of a collapse in a rear end collision, according to CBS News. Seventy-one percent of the crashes studied involved a car where there were occupants seated in front of children, and "deformation of the front seat back into the child's space was reported in eight percent of cases."

Manufacturers Must Be Held Responsible

Vehicle manufacturers have a responsibility to provide a vehicle to you, and all consumers, that will be reasonably safe in foreseeable, predictable accidents, which include rear end collisions. If properly designed and manufactured, a seat should retain its integrity in rear end collisions even at highway speeds. If the seat bends excessively or brakes in a rear end collision at highway speeds or below, it is likely the result of defective design or manufacture.

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