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General Info

Suffering a cut or nicked ureter injury can have life-altering consequences for the victim. This type of medical malpractice injury routinely occurs during laparoscopic procedures. For example, our team of Virginia Beach & Norfolk medical malpractice lawyers have represented clients who suffered a cut ureter (in medical lingo it's called a perforated ureter) during a hysterectomy. In order to conduct a laparoscopic surgery, the doctor uses a laparoscope (which comes in either a telescopic rod lens that is connected to a video camera or a digital laparoscope where a device is placed at the end of a laparoscope). If a doctor is not careful, they can easily nick the ureter and not even notice the injury. In that time, the damage to a patient's ureters and intestinal area can be devastating. 

Nicked/Cut Ureter Symptoms

  • Extensive internal pain
  • Swelling and redness
  • Nausea and vomiting

Potential Damage From a Nicked/Cut Ureter 

  • Malfunctioning kidneys
  • Infection
  • Loss of life (if not treated in time)

Experience Matters

If you or a loved one suffered a cut ureter, consider consulting with a medical malpractice lawyer in Virginia (VA) to discuss your legal options.​ However, be sure the attorney you speake to has actual experience handling cut ureter injury cases. Some firms take medical malpractice cases and just farm them out to other lawyers or firms. We do not do that. In fact, we have handled multiple medical malpractice cases involving cut/nicked ureters. For example, read about a $400,000.00 settlement we secured in a cut ureter injury medical malpractice case. 

Also, take a moment to watch this video that features a former client discussing her cut ureter injury and the experience of being represented by our firm:

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