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Truck Accident Injury Guide - What To Do If You or a Loved One was Seriously Hurt in a Truck Wreck

Truck Accident Injury Guide - What You Need to Know If Hit by a Tractor-Trailer

In a match-up of car vs. truck, the car usually takes the brunt of the damage and this often causes serious personal injuries to the driver of the car (i.e. you). It's not uncommon for cars to be completely demolished after an accident with a truck.

What happens after the wreck? Well, the trucking company and their insurance company send a team of lawyers and/or investigators to the scene of the truck crash looking for anything to reduce or completely deny your potential claim. This is why you should take a moment to read this in-depth legal guide so you're fully informed and know how to combat their tactics.

The guide covers important subjects including:

  • Common violations of federal trucking regulations
  • Insurance policies for commercial trucks and how they're different from typical insurance policies
  • The common tactics used by trucking companies to reduce and deny injury claims

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