What You Must Know About Claims on Behalf of An Injured Minor Child

No parent likes to think about this dreadful scenario, but it is something you need to be ready for – your child or teenager suffering a serious injury. Thousands of you children and teenagers are hurt everyday in the United States, and in many instances, the injury was caused by the carelessness of another person or negligence of a company. As the parent or guardian, being prepared to handle this situation will help ensure you and your family receive proper compensation to help cover large medical bills, any permanent scarring or brain damage to your child, and pain and suffering. That’s what this free report discusses. Download the report for free and get informed.

The report answers important questions like:

  • What is the legal process for filing a personal injury claim for a minor?
  • What can be recovered for a permanent injury, scar, or catastrophic injury?
  • Can the money recovered be used for medical bills or expenses, and when?
  • Who controls the interest earned before the injured teen turns 18?
  • What is the role of the parent and any guardian in the legal process?
  • Will our injured minor child be forced to testify in court?
  • What will an injury attorney do to help me prove the value of the minor/child/teenager claim?
  • Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

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