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Airplane Accident Safety Guide: How to Avoid or Survive Airplane Crash

Small Plane Crashes: Avoiding One, Surviving One - Safety Guide

If you or a loved one survives a small airplane accident, you could be facing months, or even years of rehabilitation. Another scenario is you could be forced to adjust to permanent, life-altering injuries like paralysis, a lost limb, or a traumatic brain injury. This in-depth legal guide explains what you should do after the crash to ensure you are compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Our firm has a unique perspective when it comes to airplane safety since a partner with the firm, James Lewis, is a licensed small plane pilot. His knowledge provides a keen insight for our legal team into what actually goes into operating a small airplane and the potential risk factors that can lead to a serious accident.

Topics covered in the guide include:


  • Why small planes crash
  • Defective parts and manufacturer liability
  • Filing a personal injury claim against the plane owner or manufacturer a defective part
  • The importance of hiring a lawyer who understands aviation law

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