We were treated like real people, not just another case file.

My husband's life was turned upside down because of an awful trip and fall accident at our vacation home. My husband tripped on a step, fell backwards and suffered a hip injury that required a bunch of medical prosecures, including hip replacment surgery. We decided that the best course of action was to seek representation from a personal injury law firm. My son did an online search and found the Shapiro, Appleton & Washburnlaw firm. We were represented by Emily Mapp Brannon and Rick Shapiro. They were great. We were treated like real people, not just another case file. I still remember receiving flowers and a card from Emiily after my husband underwent surgery. That meant a lot. If that wasn't enough, they were able to get us a very sizable settlement. This is money we will need to cover the large amount of medical bills and future care my husband will need. I am so glad we decided to speak to a law firm and we went with this fantastic firm.

Jurisdiction of the case: Norfolk, Virginia (VA)