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I highly recommend Mr. Richard Shapiro and Firm to anyone with a personal injury case.

I am pleased beyond words by the ultimate professional skilled Attorney Richard Shapiro and Paralegals Roz and Paula! I made the right decision when I initially spoke with him and signed the contract that he represent me. The Firm is very sensitive to their client's needs, questions, stressors, time, gathering details related to the case, etc.  They demonstrated respect and sincere caring during some of the most difficult, physically and emotionally painful times I experienced while living 19 months of trauma and discomfort over and over repetitively, trying to manage my PTSD direct result as the passenger on a motorcycle forced off the highway by a lone auto driver, and ejected off the cycle. Attorney Shapiro and his Firm were very diligent in gathering details, including photos of me in the hospital for more than a month, followed by recovery for many months post-hospitalization.  

My Attorney and Paralegals gathered not only photos, but other proof of the severity of my condition, including empty medication bottles, body braces, examples of my therapy equipment, copies of medical bills, other related expenses, etc.  Rick Shapiro also prepared me mentally and physically for Deposition, as well as Mediation.  I sincerely appreciated Rick's assistance in preparing me for once-potential future legal possibilities, including court case with jury.  

Mr. Shapiro was very instrumental in guiding me through every phase of the prep for litigation.   I found that he and his Paralegals were sincere, genuine and caring, which in itself helped me weather the long-lasting 19-month storm.  I appreciate that the Law Firm was exceptional and steady in its ability to help me as the client make it through the process in spite of my extreme stressors, including pain and severe nausea beyond words. Rick and his Paralegals made it bearable and possible to survive a never-experienced prior "trip" in my life.  I must admit that it was very difficult to survive it, but able to survive it only with the frequent encouragement, recommendations, and explanations by Rick.  He did not hesitate in repeating anything that needed repeated to help me see and return to calm -- easier said than done. But Rick saw the importance of bringing me back to calmness and understanding in some of the most difficult and challenging days of my life.  

I am forever indebted to Attorney Richard Shapiro and Paralegals Roz and Paula, who were always patient and there for me.  Thank you!!   I highly recommend Mr. Richard Shapiro and Firm to anyone with a personal injury case.   It’s worth the discussion with Rick! 

Janet S.