Mr. Shapiro was very understanding, very compassionate.

My life was turned upside down after I suffered an electric shock injury. I needed a Virginia personal injury lawyer and did a Google search to find a law firm that actually handled this type of case. Fortunately, I found Rick Shapiro and the law firm of Shapiro & Appleton.

Mr. Shapiro and his staff were very thorough and they stayed on it until the end. Mr. Shapiro was very fast in getting the right statements from the right people like the electrical engineer, the electrical company, the electrician.  He knew what was needed to get the job done.

Mr. Shapiro was very understanding, very compassionate.  He would give me a call and let me know what was going on, if anything changed, if he needed anything from me and just how I was doing with everything that was going on.  So he was very passionate about me and my situation.

I appreciate everything that they did because it was no hassle. They made me feel comfortable and I didn’t have to stress about anything. That was great since so this allowed me to get on with my life and start living my life again.

If anyone suffers a similar injury, they should definitely contact Mr. Shapiro and his law firm. They are outstanding, they’re good people, they care about you and they’re there to help.

Jurisdiction of the case: Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA)

John C.