I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Hey Rick,

This Card is way overdue. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping get my claim settled with UNUM Provident. Without you and your company, I know I would never have gotten it paid. Until they knew you were in charge, they were ready to pass judgment. (In their favor of course). Than you out of the generosity of your heart, took them on for my benefit and they JUMPED to attention. If it hadn’t been for [my local union representative]and yourself fighting for my rights as a railroader, to get what was rightfully mine, I would have been wrongfully "screwed".

Rick I’ll never forget this and if I can ever do anything for you, I’ll be there. Your professional courtesy went beyond the call of duty. If I ever need a great RR attorney in the future or know of anyone who does, I’m calling you and/or bringing them to you.

Just can’t thank you enough!



A Grateful BLET Member

Thomas B.

{Note: Our firm handled this claim pro bono (for no legal fee) because we knew that UNUM, the disability insurer, was wrongfully denying this claim and we were outraged by the treatment he was given because he was not represented by a lawyer, among other issues.}