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In August 2007 I was Injured in a Car Wreck

December 2008

 In August, 2007, I was struck by a car as I was walking across a street at an intersection in Norfolk.  The accident happened as I was preparing to relocate to California.  I consulted an attorney in Virginia who advised me that I could recover nothing due to the contributory negligence provisions of Virginia law.

I moved to California as planned several weeks after the accident.  Seeking medical attention here, it became clear that my condition was far more serious than originally thought, and that I required surgery for my heel, which was fractured in several places.  The expenses were going to be substantial, not only for actual medical costs, but for indirect expenses and lost work during my recovery.

 I found Mr. Shapiro’s website and e-mailed him with a brief description of my situation.  He responded within 24 hours, agreed to take my case, and gave me clear directions on how to proceed.  I was concerned that my being in California and his being in Virginia would present a difficulty.  It was not.  As I recall, my only effort was the mailing of two envelopes of documents to him.  He and his staff did absolutely everything else, always in a professional manner.  Any inquiries I made received prompt and complete responses.

The result was a [significant-amount withheld] settlement.  My health provider in California made a claim against part of the settlement to offset its expenses, and Mr. Shapiro negotiated with them to significantly reduce the amount they were seeking.  The proceeds of the settlement were electronically transferred to my bank account.

The accident and aftermath were a nightmare, but I couldn’t be more pleased than I have been with Mr. Shapiro’s services.

Mike P.