Anesthesia Errors - Info from Norfolk Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Norfolk medical malpractice lawyers Rick Shapiro and Ed Booth discuss complications from anesthesia errors. These preventable mistakes vary according to the type of anesthesia administered by an anesthesiologist. If local anesthesia is given at too high a dose, it can adversely affect your heartbeat, breathing, and other bodily functions. In addition, a local anesthesia mistake can cause nerve damage if it is injected too close to a nerve or spinal cord.
With general anesthesia, there is the risk of heart attack or stroke. There are also additional complications that can arise from being intubated, which is when a tube is placed down your throat to assist your breathing. Under general anesthesia, your throat is numbed so your gagging reflex is not functioning, which increases the risk of inhaling liquid into your lungs and essentially suffocating.
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