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Boat Accident Injury Lawyer in Virginia Virginia Boat Accident Injury Attorney Kevin Duffan talks about his experience growing up around the boating industry in Tidewater and his interest in this area of injury law: 

The experience of growing up around our local waterways, combined with my experience and training as a personal injury lawyer has resulted in me having a particular interest in representing those that have been the victims of boating and boat related accidents. 

Boating accidents can be very different than car accidents for many reasons.  Some of these reasons are obvious, such the added risk of drowning if you are on the water, or the fact that medical attention may not be as readily available to you if you are injured.  Other issues are a little more subtle.  What insurance company should you call to report the accident?  Do state or federal laws apply to your situation?  Where do you go to get an accident report?These are all questions that an attorney can help you answer.  

If you've been the victim of a boating accident, you need to call an attorney who not only understands the boating industry, but also understands the laws that apply to your particular situation.  While not all cases meet our criteria, if you give our firm a call, or fill out a quick consultation form on our website, we can give you a free confidential evaluation today.