Client Shares Her Experience about Being Represented by our Virginia Medical Malpractice Injury Law Firm

This client's situation is a prime example of not giving up hope and speaking to more than one attorney. She suffered a cut ureter injury during a hysterectomy and was badly injured. Her life was turned upside down and had to miss a significant amount of time from work.

She initially visited another experienced Virginia medical malpractice law firm, but that firm turned down her case, telling her the surgery complication resulting in her cut and nicked ureter was an “accepted complication.” Fortunately, she never gave up.  She eventually saw a video from medical malpractice injury attorney Jim Lewis where he discussed cut and nicked ureter injuries. Jim took on her case just before the statute of limitations ran out, filed her lawsuit, and ultimately was able to settle her case after hard fought litigation.

This client strongly recommends Jim and our Virginia medical malpractice injury law firm.