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Doctor Testimony - Norfolk, Va Medical Malpractice Lawyer Info

Rick Shapito, a Norfolk, Virginia (VA) medical malpractice lawyer, talks about the need to retain a doctor in the same field of the doctor who harmed you to give an opinion about the defendant doctor's actions. This is because many states require a valid medical opinion before a medical malpractice lawsuit can even be filed. Virginia calls this a Certificate of Merit. Our Virginia medical malpractice law firm understands what is needed to get your medical negligence case filed and litigated properly. We routinely retain muiltiple medical experts to help strengthen your malpractice case.

Rick is an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Virginia and North Carolina. He has represented numerous victims who were seriously harmed by the carelessness of medical professionals. For example, Rick (and co-counsel) represented a woman who suffered a perforated colon during a laparoscopic procedure and was able to secure an 860,000 dollar jury verdict for his client.

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