Electric Shock Injury Lawyer in Virginia

https://www.hsinjurylaw.com/library/electrical-shockburns-explosions-industrial-explosions-accidentsvirginia-west-virginia-northsou.cfm. Virginia Electric Shock Injury Lawyer Rick Shapiro Talks About the Serious Side Effects That Can Occur After an Electrocution:

When thousands of volts shock a person, it can cause electrocution which is death from electric shock or can cause a serious electrical shock injury which can affect every one of the anatomical systems of the body.  Electrical shock essentially zaps nerve endings in the body and interferes with neurological function. 

The body is not made to tolerate massive electrical shock and this type of injury can affect everything from the optic nerve to nerve endings that control the arms or the legs, and can cause essential paralysis of one of your extremities. 

In one case our firm handled, a young man has lost most of the use of his arm and his leg and was very fortunate to survive a 19,200-volt shock.  He is being treated by every type of doctor you can imagine due to the disabling effects of an electric shock. 

In another case we are handling, the electrical shock was so significant that it essentially interrupted the nerves from the neck area through the shoulder to each of the arms of our client.  When you suffer an electrical shock injury it essentially paralyzes the ability to free your hand from the electrical shock and in this other recent case that we have taken on, a friend of our client had to actually bull rush him in order to free him from being shocked at the time this occurred. 

We work with all of the necessary medical experts and forensic experts in order to best present evidence of electrical shock injuries and if we can assist you with this type of case, please send us a quick contact or call our 800 number at this law firm for a free confidential consultaton.