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Personal Injury Attorney in Virginia Beach Discusses Physical Therapy and Therapists Virginia Beach Personal Injury Attorney Rick Shapiro Discusses Importance of Physical Therapy After a Serious Accident:

I have represented personal injury victims who have had serious knee injuries, ankle injuries, elbow or arm injuries and invariably there is significant rehabilitation requiring the assistance of physical therapists. 

The treating surgeon makes the referral for physical or occupational therapy and usually prescribes a series of physical therapy sessions and then the therapist writes a periodic progress report.  Depending upon the severity of the injury, physical therapy can go on for months and in some cases years.  I believe it is critical to bring a physical therapist to a jury trial to testify in  a significant personal injury case. 

There are a number of lawyers who are satisfied to bring the client's surgeon to court or have the doctor testify by videotape deposition. I agree that this is a necessity, but you cannot overlook the importance of a physical therapist that has worked with your injured client day in and day out for months or years.  The physical therapist is an overlooked witness and an extremely important witness in representing personal injury victims and obtaining maximum compensation. 

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