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Personal Injury Attorney in Virginia Talks Defense Lawyer Tactics

https://www.hsinjurylaw.com/library/insurance-company-games.cfm - Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Rick Shapiro talks about some common tricks and "dirty" tactics insurance defense lawyers use on a regular basis in injury cases: 

The popular song, "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" is an interesting headline for what I like to call the dirty deeds that some insurance and corporate lawyers practice in major personal injury cases by objecting frivolously to the production of pertinent evidence. You may be surprised that objecting to producing obviously relevant evidence goes on every week of the year in personal injury litigation.

Our civil litigation rules allow an attorney to claim a privilege objection to producing documents but it is supposed to be utilized for legitimate, not frivolous objections.  What happens when dirty deeds occur is that attorneys hide behind frivolous defenses and objections to producing some of the most relevant items and information in a personal injury case and we must file motions and go to court to fight these frivolous defenses. 

I get so tired of hearing tort reform folks claiming that injury lawsuits are frivolous when there are probably more frivolous defenses made by defense lawyers than there are frivolous lawsuits filed by persons suffering personal injuries. My job in representing an injury victim is to expose dirty deeds and get access to evidence as quickly as possible for my client.

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