Railroad Accidents Involving Taxis, Vans or Hotels

Our railroad injury attorneys have handled numerous cases involving railroad worker injuries arising from accidents in vans, taxis and even railroad-owned company cars. Typically, these accidents happen off of railroad property, but they are still completely covered under the federal law which protects railroad workers when injured on the job. That law is called the FELA. It has important protections when these accidents occur where the railroad has arranged the taxi service for the workers because this is considered an operational activity of the railroad.  When the service is arranged by the railroad, if there is a negligent or careless act on behalf of the company or the driver, it is considered the act of the railroad employer as if their own employee was driving the van.  The railroad's duty is legally called a "non-delegable duty." This means that the railroad cannot delegate away an activity that it would be doing itself if it did not hire the outside service. In these circumstances we have a decision to make for our client to either sue the railroad alone, or to sue the railroad and the outside service, or in some rare cases, we would bring suit solely against the taxi service and not the railroad. Each case is fact specific, and if we can help you with a question involving this type of case, please fill out our quick contact form or call us today.