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Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyer Explains What To Do If You are Hurt in a Car Wreck

Randy Appleton, a car accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) with over 20 years of experience, explains what you need to do if you are hurt in a car wreck. Randy, and his colleagues, talk to people hurt in car crashes that occurred on Interstate 264 (I-264), Interstate 64 (I-64), Interstate 664 (I-664), the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, and throughout Virginia. If you are involved in a wreck, first you need to call the police and make sure an accident report is filed. Second, get the information of the other driver who hit you. This includes their full name, phone number, and auto insurance information. Third, see a doctor to determine to extent of your injuries. Finally, contact our Virginia Beach car accident law firm to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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