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Electric Shock Injury Cases

https://www.hsinjurylaw.com/case_results/pilot-suffers-electrical-shock-injury-at-hotel-ending-commercial-pilots-careersettlement-soon-be.cfm. Virginia Injury Lawyer Rick Shapiro Shares His Experiences Representing Airline Pilots and Attendants:

I have experience representing airline pilots and attendants. For example, I was retained by a commercial airline pilot and also by flight attendants in personal injuries that involved their specific occupations.  In one significant case, I represented a commercial airline pilot who was not injured in a plane crash, but instead electrically shocked while in a major hotel chain's shower of all places. 

An exposed light bulb and an electrical shock caused him to lose his FAA pilot certification and he suffered major personal injuries and wage losses.  I also have represented two different flight attendants who were injured on aircraft both in circumstances where a cockpit door flew off the hinges during takeoff or landing and caused personal injury to the flight attendant. 

In each of these cases I had to present a product defect claim to the manufacturer of the aircraft in question.  Every industry has specific regulations and it requires that we rely on experts in the field of aviation or design in order to present the case appropriately. 

We have been involved in major injury and wrongful death cases in every southeastern state and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work for professionals in the airline industry.  If we can assist you please fill out a quick contact form or contact us on our 800 number.