Wife of Victim Who Died from a Medical Malpractice Intubation Error Gives Testimonial

Losing a loved one is a heartbreaking experience. But the pain is made even worse when the loss is sudden and unexpected. The brave woman featured in this video was the wife of a man who lost his life due to a preventable medical mistake. During surgery, several attempts were made to secure his airway for oxygen using endotracheal intubation. These attempts failed  and his airway and oxygen was lost. An emergency tracheostomy was performed. The loss of oxygen caused a global hypoxic brain injury. After being released from intensive care, our client was put on life support for over two weeks and died during hospice care. He was survived by his wife and two adult children.
Our team of experienced Virginia Beach medical malpractice lawyers conducted research on the applicable medical malpractice standards of care on anesthesiology and surgical issues. Our Norfolk intubation error attorneys recognized the egregious errors that occurred in this case and invested resources to retain three separate anesthesiology experts who provided opinions that the medical standards of care were violated. Also, our Norfolk surgical error lawyers arranged for a complete private autopsy by a pathologist which eliminated other potential causes of the brain injury and causes of hypoxia--other than the surgical emergency hypoxia. 
As a result, a $1.5 million settlement was reached. To learn more, check out the intubation error wrongful death case result here.