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$1.275 Million Settlement Reached in Heart Catheterization Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Our law firm represented the estate of a young mother who died within hours of undergoing a heart catheterization procedure. The cause of death was identified as “cardiac difficulties.” The young mother’s death is truly heartbreaking since she leaves behind a husband and two children. Virtually all other details associated with this case  are confidential….

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Severed Ureter During Hysterectomy Merits $300,000 Settlement

What Happened Our medical malpractice client was 39 years old when she visited her gynecologist complaining of swelling and pain in her abdomen. A CT scan revealed a uterine abscess, and the doctor recommended a complete hysterectomy. Removing the woman’s uterus required opening her abdominal cavity. During the procedure, the gynecologist inadvertently cut one our…

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