Dos & Don’ts When Injured on the Job at a Railroad

a railroad worker's rights when injured on the job

If you were injured while working for a railroad, this is a must-have report. It outlines the dos and don’ts after you suffered the injury. The guide also details what the Federal Employers Liability Act (aka FELA). Many railroad workers have described this book as “the bible on the FELA.” Why is it important to understand your rights under the FELA? Because, as an injured railroad worker, you’re not entitled to traditional worker’s compensation. Instead, you can seek restitution through the FELA. The FELA is a federal statute that is used when an injured rail worker like a conductor, engineer, trackman, yardman, etc. gets hurt while on the job. It is critical for you and your family to understand what rights and responsibilities go with filing a FELA claim and you definitely should NOT depend on what a railroad claim agent tells you. Why? Because the claim agent works for the railroad. They are not looking out for your best interests. Take a moment to download a free copy of our guide and get the essential information you need from a source that is actually dedicated to helping hurt railroad workers. To receive a mailed copy of this guide, just fill in your contact info on this page and we’ll send the guide to you within the nest 5 business days.