My 8-year-old son was injured when our SUV was forced off the highway in North Carolina (NC) by a large farm truck, forcing us to crash into a telephone pole. My son suffered delayed onset of post-traumatic stress disorder, and we also believe he suffered a brain injury.
I hired Rick Shapiro, a North Carolina personal injury lawyer, to present the brain injury and PTSD evidence. The insurance company denied my son had any injuries except for the urgent care right after the wreck but Mr. Shapiro fought the insurance company and we finally settled my son’s case through mediation with a retired judge. Then we appeared in court, and Rick helped us get the judge to approve the settlement.
The money is now in a fiduciary account and will go to our son when he turns 18. Mr. Shapiro also petitioned the judge to allow some money annually to go to tutoring for our son since he needs help at school as a result of the accident. Thanks so much for all your help with this difficult case!
I was very impressed with Mr. Shapiro’s willingness to take on a case that was over three years old and become an advocate for my son. Throughout the entire experience, we were treated with kindness and respect. His staff was very professional, promptly responded to questions or concerns, and went out of their way to make us feel at ease.

I would highly recommend Mr. Shapiro to any victim of a traumatic injury who is in need of an attorney they can trust. Mr. Shapiro will give your case the attention it deserves, regardless of the complexity of the legal issues, severity of the injuries or the final reward.


Jurisdiction of the case: North Carolina (NC)