Medical Malpractice Victim Provides Powerful Testimonial | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

I definitely recommend JIm Lewis to anyone who suffered a medical malpractice injury. I underwent a total hysterectomy and, during the procedure, the doctor nicked my ureter. After the procedure, I was unable to, use the bathroom, I couldn’t hold down water, I was vomiting and I didn’t know what was going on until I had an MRI. I found out that my kidney wasn’t functioning. 

Initially, I went to a different VA medical malpractice lawyer who told me that I didn’t have a case. That lawyer said my ureter being cut and nicked was “an acceptable complication.” However, I didn’t think it was an acceptable complication so I looked for other lawyers and I stumbled upon the Shapiro, Washburn & Sharplaw firm. I saw a video featuring medical malpractice injury attorney Jim Lewis where he specifically talked about cut and nicked ureters.

I met with Jim and told him that I was near the statute of limitations for bringing a personal injury case against the doctor; only a few months away to be exact. Jim acted right away and we were able to successfully file a claim. Jim was very knowledgeable about my ureter injury and he informed me that he handled other cases based on the same type of malpractice. 

He called me several times and said that he really wanted me to keep in contact and keep the lines of communication open. I was very satisfied with the level of contact by Jim and his assistants, Melissa and Denelle. They were really personable.  They always got right back to me if I had a question or issue. 

I would highly recommend Jim and his firm to anyone who needs legal representation.