I located Rick Shapiro and the law firm after I had a serious injury to my leg when a friend of mine began driving his car away before I even closed the rear passenger door to get in the car. I was yelling for my friend to stop but it was too late and my leg got dragged and was twisted around terribly. I looked for a persona injury lawyer that was licensed in both Virginia and North Carolina because I was injured in North Carolina and the driver lived in Virginia Beach.   X-rays were done of my left leg and the skin was already detached from being dragged along the ground. I got diagnosed with left leg crush injury and I had to use crutches in a soft cast for weeks. Then the skin around my ankle didn’t want to heal and I had to actually have a wound vacuum system put on my leg. Anyway I later had a skin graft over portion of my foot and ankle. One of the key things Rick Shapiro did was find out that there was not only insurance on my friends car but that my friend also had what’s called UIM coverage which Rick was able to combine with my own car insurance policy to show that there was a total of $150,000 worth of total insurance. Rick was able to settle my case for the large majority of the total insurance that was available, and also because I had Medicare and Medicaid, they negotiated the amount that I had to pay back also to try to get me the maximum recovery. Not only did they help me prior to the settlement, but even after the settlement he and his staff helped with the lien’s to try to reduce them so I could recover as much as possible. If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in North Carolina, or in Virginia I highly recommend this law firm. Annie G.