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Brain Injured Client Receives $60M Following Train Derailment

What Happened A gas station employee in Manassas, Virginia (VA), suffered traumatic brain injuries when a Norfolk Southern train derailed and crashed into the building where he was working. Even though the city is close to Washington, DC, it was still mostly rural when this accident occurred. The derailment pinned our future client inside his…

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$900,000 Settlement Obtained for Child Who Suffered a Debilitating Hypoxic Brain Injury from a Near-Drowning in a Rental Property Pool

During the summer of 2015, a family with many relatives and children were vacationing at a North Carolina beach rental property when, shortly after dinner, one of the adult parents was horrified to discover a 3-year-old child floating face down in the fenced-in pool that was on the property.  The child was pulled from the pull and relatives began administering CPR….

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