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What Is a Personal Injury Settlement?

Most Virginia personal injury claims never reach trial. Instead, most claims are settled before trial, or even before filing suit. Settlement is a common negotiation process that ends in the injured person (referred to as the plaintiff) giving up the right to sue in exchange for the payment of a sum of money by the…

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A Pandemic of Traffic Deaths

In the dry, passionless prose of most U.S. government agencies, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association reported in April 2022, “A statistical projection of traffic fatalities for 2021 shows that an estimated 42,915 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes nationwide.” Few readers, however, could remain unmoved by then reading, “This … represents the highest…

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Goal of Filing a Virginia Personal Injury Lawsuit

The ultimate goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to make injured victims whole again. In theory, the law would like to allow people who suffer injuries to collect full compensation for all of the physical, economic, and emotional harms that an accident imposes on them. Of course, there are practical difficulties with doing this,…

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