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Hampton VA truck accident attorneyImagine you and a friend are driving along I-64, get through the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT), and are headed towards the Hampton Coliseum when a big commercial truck suddenly collides with your car while changing lanes into yours. You wind up suffering serious injuries.

What do you? Clearly, the first step is to seek medical attention (probably at the Sentara Careplex Hospital). Next, you should seek the counsel of a Hampton Virginia truck accident injury lawyer.

How Will a Hampton Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

“Should I talk to a lawyer?” you might ask. Because our Hampton truck accident lawyers understand the tactics and tricks that the trucking company insurance adjusters use to reduce or deny your accident claim.

For example, some insurance adjusters argue that your injury did not result in any loss of work wages. This is despite the fact that you had to miss eight days of work to recuperate from the wreck, and can verify lost commissions or income.

Another tactic insurance companies use is to offer compensation just for your medical expenses. On the surface, it sounds like a possible deal, but it is contingent on you signing a liability waiver form that prevents you from ever seeking any additional compensation against the truck company for that accident (even if you have a chronic condition that worsens requiring more medical care).

Our Hampton personal injury law firm deals with insurance companies on a daily basis and we will make sure they do not take advantage of you or your loved ones and will make sure you don’t enter into a hasty deal that is not to your advantage.

Did you know that a truck wreck personal injury claim is a wholly separate claim from your property damage claim? Many people do not realize this fact and wind up sharing sensitive information with insurance adjusters who work for the same company, just in a different department.

Again, this is why it is so important to speak with a Hampton truck accident lawyer so you do not fall into these traps, and in trucking cases sometimes the trucking company mobilizes right away and consults their attorneys, and even sends investigators to the accident scene.

You need an attorney to act, and fast, to preserve evidence to prove your case. If you even decide to retain an attorney a month after the incident, vital evidence can be lost, such as surveillance camera evidence or the electronic data maintained on a truck or commercial van.

Our Hampton Virginia truck injury law firm possesses a track record of securing sizable settlements and jury verdicts in prior truck accident injury cases. See some examples below:

The Impact of Virginia’s Freight transportation on the Hampton Area

Hampton Virginia personal injury lawyerFreight transportation influences every aspect of our daily lives and while all metropolitan areas are impacted by the movement of freight to some degree, the Hampton Roads region experiences it much more intensely than many regions.

If there was any doubt about how many tractor-trailers pass through Hampton Roads, data from the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance certainly clarifies it. The region is located within 40 percent of the U.S. population and has access to almost 128 million consumers living within one day’s drive.

Hampton Roads’ Mid-Atlantic location makes it an ideal base from which to serve the large consumer and industrial markets located along the United States East Coast.  According to the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance, Hampton Roads is located within 40% of the U.S. population and has access to approximately 128 million consumers within one day’s drive.

Hampton Roads is home to multiple ports, airports, rail, private trucking, shipping and warehouse distribution facilities, with roads and rail corridors bringing freight, goods, and services to consumers.

The region is also the home to Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT), Norfolk International Terminal (NIT), Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT), and Virginia International Gateway (VIG).

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