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What You Should Know About Dram Shop Laws and Social Host Liability in North Carolina

The winter holiday season is upon us, which means that many people throughout North Carolina and around the country will soon be celebrating with friends and family, if they have not already started. Between family get-togethers, office holiday parties, and meeting old friends out on the town, many such celebrations include alcohol—far too much alcohol,…

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Is Hands-Free Driving Really Safer?

Despite all the education, warnings, and laws passed banning using your cell phone while driving, countless numbers of drivers cause serious crashes each day because they just can’t put their phones away. Cell phone use while driving is so prevalent – and so dangerous – that it is responsible for killing nine people every day…

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Who Qualifies As An Expert Witness in a Virginia Medical Malpractice Case?

By nature, claims of medical malpractice often involve complex medical concepts combined with allegations that a healthcare provider failed to appropriately apply those concepts under the circumstances experienced by a particular patient. With this in mind, it makes sense that expecting an average member of the jury to understand and fully grasp the issues involved…

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