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What Are My Responsibilities as a Pedestrian?

In Virginia, a pedestrian is any individual traveling on foot including those who use mobility aids. The state has enacted numerous right-of-way laws that outline the duties of both drivers and pedestrians. Pedestrians are required to obey pedestrian crossing signals and traffic lights and keep to sidewalks instead of the roadway whenever possible. Drivers are…

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Hampton, VA – Pedestrian Fatally Struck By Drunk Driver on W. Pembroke Ave

A drunk driver was arrested following a fatal pedestrian accident on Sunday, June 11th. According to local police, 32-year-old Corey S. Holland, a resident of Hampton, was charged with driving under the influence and is currently being held at the Hampton City Jail.  Officers were notified of the deadly accident in the 1200th block of…

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Does the End of Daylight Savings Time Put Virginia Pedestrians at Risk?

There is no shortage of reports and studies that document a yearly increase in motor vehicle accidents during the evening hours after the autumnal transition to standard time from daylight saving time. While the early onset of twilight and a shift in the position of the setting sun create visual difficulties for both Virginia pedestrians…

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