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What Are the Most Common Premises Liability Cases?

The legal doctrine of premises liability is one under which the possessor, occupier, or owner of a property may be held liable for any accidents that take place on their property. A subset of personal injury law, premises liability is applicable on both public and private properties in Virginia. The theory states that the occupier…

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Hotel Injuries and Virginia Premises Liability Laws

Hotels and resorts are usually associated with vacations, honeymoons, and excitement, but an unexpected injury can cause your fun, enjoyable trip to take a sudden turn for the worse. If you are injured at a hotel or resort, you may be able to hold the establishment liable for your injuries and other damages.  Speak to…

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Can I Claim Worker’s Compensation Benefits and Personal Injury Benefits from the Same Accident in Virginia?

An American worker spends a minimum of 2,080 hours annually working for their employer. Most workers work their entire careers without sustaining an injury, but some do. A growing number of workers have sustained serious injuries on the job site, underlining the likelihood of such accidents occurring. If you have sustained injuries at your job…

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