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Can I Be Attacked About a Felony Conviction In My Virginia Personal Injury Case?

When filing a personal injury claim predicated upon another person’s negligence, the respondent’s insurance carrier or third-party claims adjuster is going to dig into your past. Nobody is perfect but, if you have a criminal history and a pending Virginia personal injury case, this might be worrying to you. There are several reasons for the…

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What Do You Do When You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse in Virginia?

If you are thinking of transitioning your loved one into assisted living in Virginia, you might assume that it is a sure way for elderly people to receive comprehensive care and attention. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Eldercare facilities sometimes fall short of quality treatment, whether by accident or intentionally. Staff and nurses…

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Can I Sue a Virginia Airbnb Owner For My Injuries?

Until recently, vacationing travelers had very few options in terms of lodging; namely inns, motels, or hotels. In more recent years, tourists and families on holiday have started to stay more often in private houses rented out through companies like Airbnb and Tripping.com. Staying in a rented home is usually more convenient, more comfortable, and…

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