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South Carolina Lawmakers Consider Mandatory Testing of Newborns

A simple test that uncovers congenital heart defects in newborns could save the lives of thousands of infants each year. South Carolina lawmakers are considering the Emerson Rose Act, which would require mandatory screenings of all newborns. To learn more, read here. . . South Carolina Lawmakers Consider Mandatory Screening of Newborns for Congenital Heart…

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Outbreaks Tied to Unsafe Injection Practices Have NC Officials Worried

What Happened: North Carolina public health officials have launched a campaign, the “One and Only” project, to raise awareness among residents of the dangers associated with infection related to poorly administered injections. Administrators with the North Carolina Division of Public Health have said that the numbers support their worry regarding the dangers of badly handled…

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NC Hospital Fire Caused by Defibrillation, Kills Patient, Injures 3 Others

What happened:  A fire at the Durham Regional Hospital was caused when sparks ignited during a defibrillation procedure being performed on a critically ill patient. The procedure is typically used to deliver an electric shock to the heart to re-establish normal rhythm. A report on WISTV said the fire department is investigating the fire but…

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