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Understanding the Top Causes of School Bus Accidents

School bus transportation plays a critical role in ensuring the safe conveyance of millions of students to and from educational institutions daily. However, despite stringent safety regulations and protocols, accidents involving school buses can and do occur, often with devastating consequences. Understanding the primary causes behind these incidents is paramount in formulating effective prevention strategies….

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Legal Help for Virginia Bus Accident Injuries

Many people rely on public transportation as their way to get around – to school, work, shopping, etc. Commuters who do ride buses often do so because it is a convenient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective way to travel. They also might assume that taking public transportation is a safer alternative than other forms of transportation….

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Buses of All Types Pose Dangers for Passengers

In the wake of the tragic May 31, 2011, Sky Express tour bus crash on I-95 in Caroline County, Virginia (VA), we find ourselves deeply concerned for the safety of bus passengers. These concerns for riders on the most commonly form of mass transit extend equally to people on public transportation and children aboard school…

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