VA Boat Accidents: Boat Capsizes in the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia Killing Two Fishermen | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Recently a 3-to 4-foot wave struck the side of an 18 foot boat, stalling its engine before it overturned in the Chesapeake Bay. Two Arizona died when they were dumped into the 45-degree water.  Four others were rescued.  Though this boating crash was an accident, many others can be prevented.  Everyone knows that a DUI is dangerous but a BWI is just as dangerous, and as illegal, as driving drunk.  Anyone operating a boat or personal watercraft with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher is subject to arrest and conviction. Accidents like the one off Wrightsville Beach illustrate why such laws are good ideas and worth enforcing.  The people aboard the boats involved in the head-on collision are luky not to have suffered more severe injuries, been killed or drowned after going overboard. Wrecks on the water due to operators’ recklessness or negligence often have tragic consequences.