A two-vehicle crash near downtown Grundy, Virginia (VA), left two passengers dead and both drivers seriously injured. The fatal wreck happened on the afternoon of August 6, 2017, but investigators had no immediate answers for why the tragedy occurred.



Virginia State Police told reporters that the deadly head-on collision started with an eastbound 2017 Toyota RAV-4 crossing the double yellow line on Route 460 about a mile west of Route 83. The SUV caught fire after slamming into a 2005 Honda Element, inflicting severe injuries on the SUV driver, who was transported to a medical center in Tennessee. The passenger in the front seat of the Toyota died shortly after being taken to a local hospital in Buchanan County.

The driver of the Honda sustained serious, but survivable, injuries. Her passenger died at the scene of the head-on collision.

Investigators have ruled out alcohol and drug use as an explanation for why the man behind the wheel of the Toyota crossed over the double yellow line. Section 46.2-804(6) of the Virginia Code specifies that “wherever a highway is marked with double traffic lines consisting of two immediately adjacent solid yellow lines, no vehicle shall be driven to the left of such lines, except (i) when turning left or (ii) in order to pass a pedestrian or a device moved by human power, including a bicycle, skateboard, or foot-scooter, provided such movement can be made safely,”

Neither of the statutory exceptions to staying to the right of double yellow lines appears to have applied. Reasons investigators will have to look into include driver distraction, a medical emergency and driving too fast for conditions. The head-on collision happened along a winding section of Route 460, so falling to slow sufficiently while negotiation a curve could easily put a vehicle into the path of oncoming traffic even when a driver does not exceed the posted speed limit.

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