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If I am Hit by a Tractor-Trailer, Can I File a Claim Against the Truck Driver or the Trucking Company, or Both?

Personal injury cases involving a tractor-trailer or another commercial vehicle are often more complex than car accidents. Even though it may appear obvious that the truck driver is at fault, you need to carefully consider whether the trucker or the trucking company or both are liable for your injuries. When is a Trucking Company Liable…

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Seroquel Caused Diabetes, Claim More Than 25,000 Plaintiffs

A prominent warning on the Web site for the antidepressant and schizophrenia drug Seroquel XR states “High blood sugar and diabetes have been reported with Seroquel XR.” Reading the medication’s prescribing information reveals that diabetes and blood glucose spikes experienced by Seroquel users have sometimes proved fatal. It seems logical, then, that Seroquel’s maker, AstraZeneca,…

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Pickup Driver Charged in School Bus Crash That Injured 31 Students

The driver of a pickup truck that hit a school bus, injuring 31 students in Davidson County, North Carolina (NC) has been charged with careless and reckless driving and driving left of center, The-Dispatch.com reported.  Thirty-eight students were being driven to Midway Elementary School on Norman Shoaf Road when the collision took place. All children requiring medical attention were treated and released with minor injuries.   The incident was…

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