4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer to Help with Your Virginia Beach Accident Claim

It can be difficult navigating the steps involved in filing a personal injury claim following an accident in Virginia Beach. It is best to have a trusted and knowledgeable personal injury attorney on your side, who has a track record of successfully representing accident victims in negligence claims.

Hiring an experienced Virginia Beach personal injury attorney can make a lot of difference to your case. For starters, insurance companies take claimants seriously when they have an attorney representing them. Keep reading if you are still on the fence about retaining the services of a qualified lawyer. These are a few reasons why you should seek professional legal assistance:

  1. Attorneys Can Establish Liability

A personal injury liability claim may seem straightforward on the surface. However, there can be several entities responsible for your injuries and losses. For instance, in a car accident, the car driver, car manufacturer, auto parts manufacturer, and even the municipality can be held responsible depending on the unique circumstances of the case.

Sometimes, it becomes unclear whom to blame for the accident. Remember, any ambiguity in establishing liability leaves you at a risk of being held partially or completely responsible. An attorney can help you establish liability of the negligent parties and prove your innocence. You would need an abundance of the right evidence for this.

In case of a car accident, you might require photos of the accident, police records, medical records, the official accident report, and eyewitness testimonies. Your attorney will help you gather, organize and use the available evidence efficiently for building a strong case.

In Virginia Beach, the burden to prove that someone else’s negligent actions caused your injuries falls on you. This is required to have a legitimate case, which is why most accident victims seek experienced law firms for establishing and proving liability.

  1. Lawyers can Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Insurance adjusters in Virginia Beach are notorious for their stubbornness. They are particularly challenging to work with. A capable attorney skilled in the art of negotiation and persuasion can help with this. Injury victims have a primary goal of maximizing their compensation. You owe it yourself to fight for a fair and reasonable amount of compensation.

Insurance companies are typically unfair in their valuations and compensation offers. Insurance adjusters are trained to save money on settlements. In fact, most insurance adjusters start with a really low offer so that you settle for the next best one (which is also very low).

You may not be able to have an advantage over the insurance adjuster on your own. However, experienced attorneys are skilled negotiators. They will go to the meeting prepared with all the evidence to present a strong claim. They will also be able to determine the actual value of your case.

  1. Attorneys Can Help Acquire Faster and Larger Settlements

Claimants may not always be able to attain the best possible outcome for their case since they are not trained negotiators. However, with legal representation, you may be able to present a stronger case and win a larger settlement.

Settlements were reported to be 40% higher by the Insurance Research Council when claimants were represented by an attorney. Personal injury lawyers are aware of all the strategies required to come to an ideal resolution. They also know the typical levers pulled by insurance adjusters to get their way.

You may end up waiting a long time to get the compensation you deserve if you don’t have a lawyer by your side. This is a common strategy employed by insurance companies. They like wearing down the claimant in the hopes they will settle for a lower offer.

In fact, you should not delay calling a personal injury lawyer after being involved in an accident. This way the lawyer will file the case while you are still recovering from your injuries. They can sidestep the setbacks and get the compensation you deserve quicker.

  1. Attorneys Give You the Confidence to Take the Case to Trial

The attorney can file a motion to bring the matter to trial.  At attorney will help you navigate this complex process.

You don’t need to settle for any lowball or unfair offer from the insurance company. The attorney can file a motion to bring the matter to trial. Without a personal injury attorney, you may feel daunted to file a lawsuit. Personal injury lawsuit involves a long and complicated legal process. The attorney can help you navigate this process.

However, if the compensation offered during a settlement is inadequate, you may need to take court action. Your unique situation can be analyzed by a qualified personal injury attorney who will also inform you on the best available legal options depending on your individual circumstances. The attorney can provide sound legal advice every step of the way.

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