Army Captain Loses Both Legs in Accident with Norfolk Southern Train | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

railroad, accident, injury, lawyerArmy Capt. William Keating of Euless, Texas (TX) had his life forever changed after trying to board a moving Norfolk Southern train. He tried to climb up a ladder on a Norfolk Southern boxcar, but lost his footing and fell to the ground exposing his legs to the onslaught of the train, according to Both of his legs were severed.

Railroad companies once had workers regularly climb onto freight cars that were moving, but have since the 1990’s made this against company rules because of the risk of death or loss of limbs.

Keating is only 27 years old and had a bright future as a student Maneuver Center Career Captain Course at Fort Benning. This accident will irrevocably change his life and tenure in the military.

It’s my sincerest hope Capt. Keating recovers and regains some semblance of his former life.