The Legal Examiner, a prominent health and safety site visited by thousands of people each day, featured an article written by firm attorney Rick Shapiro about the shocking revelations that certain talc-based baby powder products were contaminated with asbestos and still sold to the public.  In his article, Rick highlighted the recent studies and reports concerning asbestos contamination of talc baby powder products, including talc products sold by Johnson & Johnson, and other talcum powder products still for sale throughout the United States. In a deposition from December 2016, a chemist described having done testing in the 1970’s of various Johnson & Johnson baby powder products and having microscopically confirmed asbestos adulterating the baby powder in about 50 percent of the baby powder bottles that he tested.  This was at a time that the FDA was considering regulating cosmetic talc products but J & J and other consumer products companies selling cosmetic powders with talc assured the FDA that it had refined its mining methods to eliminate asbestos, and, in the end, the FDA never regulated the cosmetic talc powder products for asbestos in the United States.   Learn more by reading Rick’s article here.