Charlotte Man Convicted Of Fatal Wrong Way Crash On I-485 Appeals | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

On February 19, 2006, 18-year-old Brock Franklin killed two people after he partook in underage drinking and then drove the wrong way down I-485 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Franklin had an illegal blood alcohol level of 0.12 when he plowed into the car of 23-year-old Eddel Rivera and 22-year-old Richard Bryant, an engaged couple from North Carolina.

Franklin was convicted of second degree murder for his DWI car accident.

Now three years after the accident, Franklin has a new lawyer and claims that he was drugged on the night of the deadly North Carolina wrong way accident. However, a Charlotte judge has denied a request for a new trial saying that there is not enough evidence to prove that Franklin had someone slip a drug into Franklin’s drink.

A former classmate of Franklin, Peter Demas, allegedly confessed to spiking Franklin’s drink to another friend. Demas was also the person who bought the beer for Franklin on the night of the crash. In his first court appearance, Franklin plead no contest to the charges and did not go in front of a jury nine months ago with a different lawyer.

Franklin is serving a 12-year sentence in jail for the crime he committed. In October, the families of the two NC car accident victims are going to court to pursue a civil settlement concerning the I-485 wrong way car accident. The case took place in Mecklenburg County.