Former NCSU Football Player Died in Tragic Car Accident in Charlotte, North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Edrick Smith, a 29 year old who formerly played for the North Carolina State Wolfpack was killed in a car accident this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC).

Edrick Smith was a passenger in a Honda that was struck by a Camero going 80 to 100 mph on North Tryon Street and Salome Church Road. The force of the car accident, due to the driver’s high speed, caused the Honda to rip in half.

The driver of the Camero, Hugo Rosillo, initially fled on foot. The Charlotte Police Department was able to track Hugo Rosillo down using helicopters and a K-9 search unit. He now faces DWI charges as well as second-degree murder and felony hit-and-run charges.

The tragic and sudden death of Smith shocked the residents of Charlotte as well as the state as a whole. Smith had married and had three children since leaving the NCSU Wolfpack after an injury cut his career short. He was much beloved by his teammates, coaches, and family.

The news of the fatal car accident comes shortly after another North Carolina city; Fayetteville, admitted they were seeing an increase in drunk driving related deaths, but North Carolina isn’t alone, drunk driving is a problem for the whole country. According to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) activist group an estimate 12,998 people died from drunk driving related car accidents in 2007.