Homes with Toxic Chinese Drywall Considered “Cancer Traps” | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

toxic, Chinese drywall, injury lawyer, cancer, Chinese drywall lawyer,Homes throughout the country, including homes in Carolina, have taken on a dubious nickname – “cancer traps” – due to toxic Chinese drywall. Our law firm has written extensively about toxic Chinese drywall and what’s so discouraging is the fact that no one can truly quantify the extent of the problem. The only consensus for toxic Chinese drywall is the horrendous effects it has on families and their homes.

The primary substance causing the toxicity is phosphogypsum, according to It contains high concentrations of uranium and radium. The Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of phosphogypsum in the U.S. but China uses it regularly.

Here is a video illustrating the terrible effects of toxic Chinese drywall on so many homes across the country…

The most common physical side effects include nose bleeds and respiratory problems. However, as mentioned earlier, no one knows the full extent of the toxic Chinese drywall problem. It could lead to cancer.

Even if someone doesn’t become sick, the damage this drywall has on the value of their home is staggering. In order to remove the toxic Chinese drywall, the cost is equally mindboggling since the toxic substances seep into so many areas and appliances throughout a home.

The blame shouldn’t be shifted exclusively on the Chinese for shipping this toxic product to the U.S. The home builders who sacrificed safety for cost-cutting are responsible as well. Hopefully, justice will be done and the people most detrimentally affected by toxic Chinese drywall will be able to salvage their homes and avoid any long-term health issues. Unfortunately, that appears to be an optimistic outlook.

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