Two men in South Windsor, Connecticut (CT), were electrocuted when the raised bed on their dump truck hit overhead power lines. Both men died at the scene.  They were employed by Hartford’s Central Auto & Transport in South Windsor.

The two men were shocked after their truck hit electrical wires on the firm’s property. It appeared that one of the men was electrocuted when he raised the dump bed and it touched the live wire. The other man died when he went to help the first man.

The police stated that it seemed that both men got out of the truck, touching it, and then touched the ground. This is what electrocuted both men.

This tragic accident illustrates the necessity to exercise extreme caution and vigilance when working near power lines. Truck companies need to provide training to their drivers about safety in the workplace and raise awareness about the dangers of overhead power lines.

Safety Tips:

  • If a truck contacts an overhead power line, drivers should stay where they are. That is, they should stay in the truck and call someone right away and alert them to the hazardous situation. 
  • Getting out of the truck when it is in contact with a live power line is extremely dangerous. Why? Because once you touch the ground, you create a current allowing the electricity to pass through you. 
  • If a live wire sparks a fire and the driver must exit the truck, he should jump out without touching any part of the truck. Then, he should hop away with both feet together and keep the arms close to the body.