Important Steps You Need to Take After a Virginia Car Accident

Given that the average number of annual motor vehicle accidents in the United States ranges from 5 to 6.3 million, being concerned about being involved in a car crash is an understandable worry. Regardless of the severity of the collision, a car accident could leave you distressed, traumatized, and reluctant to ever drive a car again. For the unfortunate victims of severe vehicle collisions, the consequences can even be deadly.

What action should I take immediately following a car accident?

Dealing with the circumstances after a traffic accident can be problematic, so we have summarized a few essential steps you should take after being involved in a car accident. This information will help to ensure that you and your financial future are both protected.

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Steps to Take After a Virginia Car Accident

Be Safe

After a serious car accident, if you are physically able to do so, turn your emergency flashers on and move your vehicle out of the flow of traffic in order to prevent further disaster. Next, you need to make sure that you get the medical help you need as quickly as possible. Not only can getting prompt medical attention potentially save your life, especially if you sustained an “invisible injury” such as a traumatic brain injury, but it will also make collecting compensation easier down the road. 

Document as Much as You Can

Once you have gotten to a safe area, you can start gathering vital evidence. Begin by taking videos or pictures of any damage to your vehicle as well as any other vehicles involved in the incident. You should also take videos or pictures of any visible injuries. Then, exchange insurance information and contact details with any other drivers as well as any bystanders.  

Notify Your Insurance Provider 

Your insurance provider should be notified of your accident sooner rather than later. They will need as many details as possible along with the information you documented at the scene. Most accident victims are even able to report their damages to their insurance company via an app on their phones.  

Hire an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

An experienced personal injury lawyer will have the skill needed to navigate the complex civil legal system and fight for the financial compensation you are entitled to. If you were badly injured, you are going to accrue huge medical bills and other damages that most people simply cannot afford to pay. A seasoned lawyer will be able to help you with them. 

Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Just like you, your car might initially seem fine following an accident. Nevertheless, it may have sustained damages that are simply not visible. Having your car inspected by a licensed mechanic can prevent a minor problem from becoming a major issue and save you time and money in the long run. 

Keep Track of Everything

Make sure that you file, maintain, and securely store any form of documentation relating to your accident. This includes hospital bills, vehicle repair invoices, police crash reports, and any and all other accident-related paperwork. This will help you prove liability, and keep track of your damages to ensure maximum compensation. 

Do You Need a Virginia Car Accident Attorney?

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