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Little Known Effects after Electrical Shock Injuries Can Cause Life Altering Changes

Here is a simple riddle: What is all around us, but we never see it?  It can help wake us up in the morning, heat our water, turn on our televisions and charge our smart phones.  What is it?  Electricity, of course.

It’s easy to grow complacent about the safety dangers of electricity when we use it so often.  However, electrical accidents continue to be a significant cause of injuries and deaths.  At home, more than 30,000 non-fatal electric shock accidents occur each year.  In addition, there is an estimated average of 60 electrocutions associated with consumer products.  The three most common product categories associated with electrocutions are small appliance, power tool, and lighting equipment.

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If you survive an electric shock, there are likely to be many terrible side effects that may affect the quality of your life. Doctors are now beginning to realize that the long-term effects of electric shock injuries can be varied, delayed, misunderstood but are certainly serious. For example,  long-term cognitive and emotional problems may occur after an electric shock injury.

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Here are just some of the side effects from electrical shock injuries that we have encountered with our personal injury clients:

  • Loss of feeling in limb
  • Severe burns
  • Paralysis
  • Major joint dysfunction
  • Anxiety and PTSD
  • Cognitive and emotional problems
  • Sexual dysfunction

When victims of electrical shock recover from the visible injuries, such as burns or loss of feeling in limbs, they may still suffer from side effects that you cannot see but are just as devastating.  An electrical shock victim can suffer from altered consciousness, confusion, disorientation, and amnesia.  They can also suffer from headaches and distractibility, even persistent psychiatric disorders and dementia.

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These invisible effects of electrical injuries can end careers, relationships and even marriages.  Having the experience of handling electrical shock cases is important and helps us do the best job possible for our clients.  Knowing your legal rights after suffering a serious electric shock injury is the first step in choosing a law firm to represent your claim.

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